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Blink Laser Mink Lashes

Ready to create a lash look with laser focus? Then Blink Laser Mink Lashes are ready to rock your lashing world. Offering a faster, easier application process, the Blink Laser is ideal for lashers of all skill levels including the beginning artist.

Specifically engineered to make the most out of the application process, these lashes offer a design technology that maximize the potential of the lash bond. Microscopic indentations at the base of the shaft result in an immediate and lasting lash bond. This design distinction helps to prevent the extensions from sliding off the natural lash.

Curl Distinctions

U Curl: Curliest of all extensions, these lashes are great from clients with downward-angled lashes who want that dramatic “doll-like” look.

L Plus Curl: The “L” is akin to the traditional “D” but with a flat base. Achieve that fabulous “wide-eye” effect while creating a lid lift for those clients with deep-set eyes, heavy or hooded lids. The L Plus lashes are also perfect for accenting outer corners.

EZ C or D Curl: With a straighter base than the average extension this lash has been designed to provide a larger adhesive area. This additional adhesive space makes the EZ lash a great choice for beginning lash artists.

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Product Description

Product Description

  • Synthetic Mink
  • Laser Indentations
  • 12 Rows Per Tray
  • Curls Available: L Plus, U, EZ C and EZ D

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Material Synthetic Mink
Vegan Yes, this product is vegan and contains no animal products. Vegan at Glad Lash is not a fad, we have carried vegan eyelash extensions products for over 30 years. Catering to all of our customers is important to us.