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Glad Lash is here to help answer all of your questions about eyelash extensions, brows and related products and services. If you can't find what you are looking for in our FAQ section, please contact support and we will be happy to assist you.


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Get in the know with all the facts about perming and tinting.

Q: Are eyelash perming and LashLift the same thing?

A: Yes, LashLift is another name for eyelash perming and is a Trademark of Glad Lash Inc.

Q: Will perming lashes work on everyone?

A: Some clients are not candidates for perming due to hormonal changes, medications they are on or being pregnant might effect the outcome.

Q: Do you have any eyelash perming tutorials to help me through the process?

A: We have a training video, which we think will help you through the process of the application to get the results you are looking for. It's the first video here.

Q: Can anyone use eyelash perming products?

A: NO! Only trained cosmetologists should be using eyelash perming products. This is an item to be used by someone who has been trained in using perming for eyelashes and should never be used on oneself.

Q: What's the best way to prep the eye before starting the perming process?

A: Make sure the eyelid is clean and dry for the silicone pads to adhere with the fixing gel. Clean silicone curler and eyelid well with "witch hazel " before attempting to adhere the silicone curler to eyelid. For smaller eyelids silicone curler can be trimmed to the size of the closed eyelid for better adhesion onto eyelids.

Q: Should I leave the solution on longer if my client's lashes are thick?

A: If a client's lashes are very thick then the solutions can be left on for 20-25 mins.

Q: Does all of the product need to come off between steps and what's the best way to remove the product?

A: Make sure all of the product is removed before moving onto the next product. Clean the product off with a damp cotton swab.

Q: Will only silicone pads work to adhere the lashes to?

A: You could also try using rods instead of the silicone pads.

Q: How long do I have to wait between perming sessions? What if the lashes didn't curl the first time?

A: We suggest waiting 3 weeks before perming again, so as not to damage the lashes.

Q: Are there any tricks I can do to make the lashes keep their curl longer?

A: You can also use saran wrap with steps 1 & 2 while those solutions are on to trap in the heat.

Q: Do you offer any FDA approved tints?

A: Basically, no tints are FDA approved, but some states still allow tinting to be performed in a salon or spa. You will need to check with your state board to see if it is allowed. Glad Lash offers the tints because it is allowed in some states, however it is your responsibility to check if the practice is permitted.


Get ready to strip.

Q: Are strip lashes difficult to apply?

A: After you’ve had a little practice, they’re really easy to apply! Please refer to our Strip Lash Application Video on the Training page

Q: How do you trim the strip lashes?

A: We recommend using one of our professional grade trimming scissors and tweezers. First, measure the strip against your own lash line. Second, hold the strip lash with a tweezer in one hand and use the scissors with your cutting hand. It’s better to trim the inner corner, but you may need to trim a little off both the inner and outer corner depending on the shape of your eye. For more information on this topic, please refer to our Strip Lash Application Video.

Q: How do you remove strip lashes?

A: Add water to a cotton swab to help loosen the glue. After working the cotton swab around the base of the strip lashes, gently peel off the strip lash starting with the outer corner of the eye.

Q: Can I use mascara with strip lashes?

A: While it is not typically necessary to use mascara with strip lashes, it can be used to create a fuller more dramatic look. We recommend using our mascara as it is specially designed for use with strip lashes. Also, be sure to curl your lashes first then apply a thin layer of mascara before applying the strip lashes.

Q: Can I reuse strip lashes and if so how many times?

A: Yes. They can be reused if removed and cared for properly. After removing the lashes, be sure to gently remove any old glue that might be left on the band of the strip. Gently removing the glue will allow for a better bond the next time they are applied. To maintain the lash shape, be sure to store the strip lashes in a tight container.

Q: How do I know which style of strip lashes is the best look for me?

A: You can try on a few of our styles with our Glad Lash App (coming soon). The type of lashes you wear depends on the shape of your eyes, your mood and the occasion. We have styles ranging from natural to the bold and dramatic.

Q: What if my lashes start falling off while I'm out?

A: Always keep the following in your purse if any touch-up is necessary: small mirror, glue and tweezers. Just apply a little glue on the tweezer and use it to spread the glue on the portion of the lash as needed. It’s also a good idea to bring a tray of flare lashes with you in case one falls out and you want to quickly replace it.

Q: What if glue gets in my eyes?

A: If available use a wet cotton swab to gently wipe out the glue and then flush the eye with water if necessary.

Q: What's the best glue to use for strip lashes and how long will they last?

A: With our specially formulated Glad Lash strip lash glue and a little practice they can stay on between 1 to 4 days. Lash staying power will also depend on how careful you are with them after application.

Q: What should I do if I experience eye irritation?

A: Remove the lashes immediately and the irritation should stop. Flush the eye with water if necessary.

Q: Do any of your products contain latex?

A: Our lashes do not contain latex, however our Glad Lash strip lash adhesive that is used does contain latex. Do not use this type of strip lash glue if you have a latex allergy.

Q: What am I doing wrong if I can't line up my strip lashes?

A: You may want to first apply your eyeliner along your lash line so that you have a visual line to follow. In addition, eyeliner can be added afterwards, so everything is more 'blended'. When applying Glad Lash strip lash adhesive to strip lashes, be sure to wait 30 seconds for it to become tacky. If you don't wait, it may be too slippery, making it difficult to get the right placement of lashes.


Add some flare.

Q: What are flare-cluster lashes?

A: Flare Lashes, also called "Traditional Individual Eyelashes," are an excellent choice for both everyday wear and special occasions. They come in both Knot Free made from a high quality synthetic material and with Knot styles made from human hair. The Knot style comes in either 10 or 14 hairs per cluster. They are applied using a two-week eyelash glue that bonds to the client’s existing lashes. Flare lashes last for one to two weeks (results may vary depending on skill level and adhesive) and are available in three lengths: under (8-10mm), short (11-12mm) and medium (13-15mm)

Q: How do you apply cluster-flare lashes?

A: With a tweezer, gently take one cluster off the tray at a time. Be sure to grab the cluster by the base of the lashes so as not to damage their shape. Drop a pea-size amount of Glad Lash Cluster-Flare lash glue on the tray and drip the base of one cluster of lashes in the glue. Start by placing the clusters in the middle of your lash line and as close to the lash line as possible. Work your way towards the inner corner by placing a few spaced apart and then work your way to the outer corner with several more clusters. You can always go back and add more clusters in-between those that you have already applied for a fuller and more dramatic look. Please see our Flare Lash Application Video for more information.

Q: How long do cluster-flare lashes stay on?

A: That depends on the aftercare regime of the customer and which glue is used. Glad Lash strip lash glue can stay on up to 7 days depending on how careful the customer is with their lash care. Glad Lash 5 star sensitive bond can keep cluster lashes on for 1 to 2 weeks, also depending on aftercare. If extra glue is applied to the under side of the cluster lashes, not just the tip, this will help make sure everything is well bonded.

Q: What is the best glue for cluster lashes?

A: The best glue for cluster lashes is either Glad Lash Strip Lash Glue or Glad Lash Latex Free Strip Lash Glue. Or you can also use Glad Lash 5 Star Sensitive Bond glue if you are a trained professional.

Q: Can I reuse cluster-flare lashes and if so how many times?

A: No. Due to the delicacy of the lashes we do not recommend the reuse. Each of our trays has 60 clusters per tray, offering you many applications. It is better to use new ones that have a nice curl and shape.

Q: How do you remove flare lashes?

A: Add water to a cotton swab to help loosen the glue. After working the cotton swab around the base of the cluster lashes, gently peel of each cluster from their base. If it seems like the lashes are not coming off easily, add more water with a cotton swab and wait a few minutes for the glue to further loosen.

Q: How do you get cluster-flare lashes to stay on long?

A: Make sure you’re using enough glue on the cluster-flare lashes to attach them to the natural lashes. The more surface area that is bonded the longer they will stay on.

Q: Can I use mascara with cluster-flare lashes?

A: We do not recommend using mascara with cluster-flare lashes as it can result in a clumpy look. If you want a fuller look, simply add more cluster lashes.

Q: Can I reuse cluster-flare lashes and if so how many times?

A: No. Due to the delicacy of the lashes we do not recommend the reuse. Each of our trays has 60 clusters per tray, offering you many applications. It is better to use new ones that have a nice curl and shape.

Q: How many cluster-flare lashes should I apply per eye?

A: It's hard to give an exact number and the answer varies depending on 2 things. First how big are your client's eyes? Second, how full and dramatic does your client want them - what "look " is she going for? A full and dramatic look will take as many lashes as will fill up her eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner of her eyelids. If she wants just an accented look they would be placed to enhance and fill in her existing lashes. If she wants a cat eyed look they would have the longer length on only the outer eyelid area. The more lashes per eye the fuller and more dramatic the look.


Ordering, Shipping and My Account

Q: How can I get a copy of my previous invoices?

A: 1) From within your "Account" page you can download and print invoices, which include the items and prices. Simply login with your username and password and view your invoices using the "My Orders" link in the menu on the left hand side of the page. 2) Glad Lash emails your detailed order with items and prices once your order is placed. If you checked out as a guest and do not have a username and password, please run a search for "Glad Lash" in your email to locate these invoices.

Q: Do you have to have a license or be registered with your company to buy your products?

A: No, we offer our products to everyone but only trained professionals should use the professional products. Please only purchase our professional medical grade eyelash extension glues if you have had the proper training in the technique to apply single strand eyelash extensions. All of our eyelash extension glues are to be used by trained professionals only. Under no circumstance is the glue to be used on yourself. We are not responsible for the misuse of our eyelash extension glue. You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us.

Q: How are your prices so low?

A: Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to offer the best quality products at the best prices. All of our listed prices on our website are wholesale and we offer bulk discounts on many of the items listed online.

Q: Do you have a store location where I can visit in-person and browse your products?

A: Yes! We have a retail store in Northridge, CA. You can view your favorite eyelash extensions products and talk to our friendly sales associates for advice. Come in and visit us at 19201 Parthenia, Suite G, Northridge, CA 91324. We are open Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM and Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM.

Q: Can you send me the product information and prices in a list or catalogue?

A: All of our products are described thoroughly online and all prices are current and available online. For the most up-to-date product information and prices, please refer to our website.

Q: Do you combine shipping?

A: We offer combined shipping on all orders placed the same day or if they haven’t been shipped from the day before and you’re adding to that unshipped order.

Q: I want to add something to my order?

A: As long as you have not received an email confirming that your order has shipped we can gladly add to your order.

Q: What is the fastest shipping method for my order?

A: We ship most orders USPS, but we also offer Federal Express for all world-wide orders. It is typically the fastest and most reliable for overnight deliveries in most countries. The charge will vary depending on your location. USPS Express is a less expensive option and ships overnight to most locations in the US, but can take 1-2 days in some US locations and 3-5 business days for international orders. We ship all orders within 24 hours or same day shipping for USPS Express or Federal Express shipping if requested. The various shipping methods are available on the last page of the checkout process. Please see our shipping policy for more details.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: Each order is sent with a tracking number that you will receive in an email after your order has shipped. Please click the tracking number provided in the body of your email. You can also enter your tracking number at If for some reason you have not received that email, it is possible that the email address you provided with your order is old, incorrect or the email has gone to your spam folder.

Q: You shipped my order to the wrong address how do I get it?

A: Please make sure your shipping address is correct when you are reviewing your order and completing your payment. Once an order has shipped we are not responsible if you provided the wrong address.

Q: You paid for International USPS Priority or International Express shipping and have not received your order in the amount of time specified.

A: International USPS Priority shipping is 6-10 business days (not calendar days). International USPS Express shipping is 3-5 business days (not calendar days). This is also assuming there are no delays in customs in your country, which is not very common. Tracking for international orders on will not be updated once the order has left the USA.