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Eyebrow Tinting

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  • Eyelash & Brow Tint Brush

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  • RefectoCil Lash & Brow Bar

  • Refectocil Starter Kit - Creative Colors

  • Refectocil Skin Protection Pads - Classic


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  • RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

  • Refectocil Tint Remover

  • Refectocil Skin Protection Pads - Extra Soft

  • Refectocil Oxidant Cream

  • Glass Mixing Bowl

9 Item(s)

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Eyebrow Tinting

Give your customers a darker, fuller, more dramatic lash and brow appearance with Eyebrow Tinting. Glad Lash now offers a comprehensive range of Glad Lash tinting products. This service is the perfect solution for clients with sparse or blond lashes, as well as sun bleached lashes. Tinting is also a convenient lash-darkening alternative for contact lens wearers as well as those with eye-makeup sensitivity.

Tinting darkens smaller, barely visible lashes and brows thus beautifully filling in the lash line and brows. Eyebrow Tinting results in a knockout gaze.