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Blink Easy Fanning Mink Lashes

Blink Easy Fanning Volume Lashes literally fan themselves, enabling lash artists at all skill levels to create volume fans from 2D to 10D+. Individual single strand lashes are held together gently at the base with a temporary adhesive that will not adhere to the lashes when removed from the sticky strip.

Grab as many or as few extensions as you like and watch them instantly and effortlessly fan out when applied to a single natural lash. Create those Volume Fans by hand in seconds and start winning again!

**These are not pre-made volume fans. These are individual single strand lashes with the slightest amount of temporary adhesive applied to the lashes to keep them fixed to the tray.

Directions for Use: Use a straight tip needle nose tweezer, grab lashes at the base and peel them forward for easy removal.

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Product Description

Product Description

  • These are not pre-made fans. These are individual single strand lashes.
  • Approximately 4000 hairs per tray
  • Korea PBT
  • C and D Curl available
  • Mixed Length Trays include 16 Rows: 1 Row 8mm, 2 Rows 9mm, 3 Rows 10mm, 3 Rows 11mm, 3 Rows 12mm, 2 Rows 13mm, 1 Row 14mm, 1 Row 15mm

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Material Synthetic Mink
Vegan Yes, this product is vegan and contains no animal products. Vegan at Glad Lash is not a fad, we have carried vegan eyelash extensions products for over 30 years. Catering to all of our customers is important to us.