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Stones and Palettes

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  • Large Glue Ring, Split Cup - 25 Rings per Quantity

    These flexible plastic white glue rings are open ended so they will fit most finger sizes. The large split cup is ideal for mixing tints as well. Learn More
  • Jade Stone - Pink

    Prevent rapid curing during application with the Glad Lash, Premium Pink Jade Stone glue pallet. Crafted from Nephrite jade, the coloring of each stone palette is uniquely its own. Jade Stones can be wiped clean with acetone following each use or when the gluing gets tough…the tough get safely soaked over-night in a glass bowl with acetone. Additionally, palette paper can also be used to keep the surface clean and dry between applications. Treat this trusty tool with care to avoid dropping and subsequent breakage. Smooth out your application process and keep your glue going with the Jade Stone. Learn More
  • Glue Rings Pink - 25 Rings per Quantity

    A ring for any finger? And, a pink one? It’s doesn’t get any better than adding a functional touch of bling to the eyelash application process. With your glue literally on-hand, the Glad Lash Glue Rings are an ideal way to streamline your application process. Also, the ridges on the sides of the ring can be used to remove any excess glue on the extensions before application. Put a ring on it and hand over the glue! Learn More
  • Lash Box

    The Lash Box by Glad Lash takes organization to a Zen level of minimalist style. Create a filing system for clients with a lash palette designed specifically for them. Crafted from clear acrylic, the lash box achieves a clean, modern look and the rounded lid fits snugly over the tile base; ensuring each palette is protected from any dust or other environmental elements. The Lash Box helps you curate your clients lash looks while streamlining the aesthetic of your work space. Learn More
  • Double Wide Lash Tile

    Set the stage for your lash looks with the Double-Wide Lash Tile by Glad Lash. Curate your client’s lash looks with this sleek acrylic tile. Polished for an ultra smooth finish, the black lettering is raised so that you can map and track the lashes with effortless ease. The perfect way to customize individual looks, the tile can be held by hand or placed directly on the lash bed. Before your lash look hits the world, give your lashes the staging area they deserve with the Double-Wide Lash Tile and take a well-deserved bow. Learn More
  • Curved Lash Palette

    Compact and versatile, the Curved Lash Palette by Glad Lash is the ideal tool for every kind of lash artist. With room for up to 12 rows of eyelash extensions, the palette can be put to work anywhere, anytime. Crafted from acrylic, the highly polished palette offers a seamless application experience for you while making a sleek, professional impression. Complete the look with the expert Curved Lash Palette. Learn More
  • Hand Lasher

    Work on your backhand and lash like a pro! The Glad Lash® Hand Lasher is an eyelash application palette that allows you to Velcro a custom designed client palette conveniently to the back of your hand. The curve of the palette spreads extensions apart for easy removal and speeds up your application time by placing the extensions in close proximity to your customer’s eyes. The palette position can be rotated 360 degrees with the Velcro to suit your needs. The Glad Lash® Hand Lasher is light weight and comfortable. You'll be lashing your customers faster than ever - so start working on that backhand now! Learn More
  • LashStation

    The lash application game has changed! Meet the new LashStation™ by Glad Lash®. Crafted from FDA-grade, high-tech silicone, palette is reusable and washable. Intended to rest directly on the client’s forehead with rows of lashes placed along the curved portion, it provides optimum proximity to the eyes. The design has everything needed to facilitate the quickest and most efficient application possible. Lash on with ease! Learn More

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  • The Lash Tile

    Rediscover why you love to lash with the Lash Tile by Glad Lash®. The curved palette holds up to 8 rows of single strand lashes offering the perfect surface to spread extensions for easy removal. A 2" jade stone fits neatly on the tile for quick access to your adhesive. The compact size allows the tile to fit on all beds or workstations. Add ease to your lashing while getting organized with the Lash Tile by Glad Lash®. Learn More
  • Disposable Glue Cup - 50 per Quantity

    50 disposable plastic glue cups. Designed for use with our Crystal Lash & Glue Tile. Can also be used with our Lash Layout System or Lash Applicator Headband. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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