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  • Glad Lash® Signature 4D

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Sale Price $15.99

  • Glad Lash® Signature 5D

    Regular Price: $18.99

    Sale Price $16.99

  • Rapid Fan Lashes

    Price From:

    Regular Price: $11.99

    Sale Price $9.99

  • Diamond Silk Lashes

    Price From: $16.95
  • Salon Professional Mink Lashes

    Price From: $11.95
  • Triple Configuration Eyelash Extension 3D W Mink Lashes

  • Glad Lash® Signature Double Configuration 2D Y Lashes

    Price From: $14.98
  • Flare Lash Delicates

  • Glad Lash® Signature Mink Lashes

    Price From: $12.99
  • Blink Signature Mink Lashes

    Price From: $13.25

10 Item(s)

per page

Silk, Flare, Cluster, Strip, & Mink Eyelash Extensions

Glad Lash manufactures semi permanent, individual single strand eyelash extensions for every experience level of professional technician. Our extensive range of individual lashes includes, double tapered, V, W and Y lashes, along with many options in curl, thickness, length and color. Glad Lash also sells other styles and types of lash products for all your application needs, including the latest trends in strip lashes, volume fans, cluster lashes and flare lashes with knots or knot-free.

Glad Lash has proudly offered vegan and cruelty-free lashes for over 35 years through our synthetic silk lashes and synthetic mink lash products. We also believe in freedom of choice and allow you the artist to cater to the specific needs of your clients by offering a variety of in-demand material options such as human hair and 100% Siberian Mink.

Love your lashes with individual eyelash extensions by Glad Lash.