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Salon Professional Flat Lashes

The Glad Lash®, Salon Professional Flat Vegan Lashes are designed with a flat-ellipse shape and patented Lash Lock®ing technology to keep the lashes in place longer. The secret to their success is the wide lash base and center groove allowing for a greater surface area to make contact with the natural lash and lock it in place. Along with long lasting staying power, Glad Lash® Flat Lashes create a thicker look with less weight. Lash and lock with the cutting-edge Flat Lashes by Glad Lash®.

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Product Description

Product Description

Approximately 3000 strands per tray (varies based on size and thickness)

New design with EZ Release Strips and space to write the lash size!

High Gloss

Please note** Only Mixed Length Trays include the following sizes:
  • 7mm 1 row
  • 8mm 1 row
  • 9mm 1 row
  • 10mm 2 row
  • 11mm 2 row
  • 12mm 2 row
  • 13mm 2 row
  • 14mm 1 row
  • Product Specifications

    Product Specifications

    Rows 12
    Material Synthetic Mink
    Vegan Yes, this product is vegan and contains no animal products. Vegan at Glad Lash is not a fad, we have carried vegan eyelash extensions products for over 30 years. Catering to all of our customers is important to us.