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Pretty in Pink Lashes - On The Tray

Add a pop of color to your lash look. This in-demand technique involves precise, individual lash-by-lash application. The careful layering in of color creates an exciting bold dimension to a natural, luxurious look. These colored eyelash extension lashes are individually applied directly to the client'€™s natural lashes.

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Product Description

Product Description

For first, second and even third glances, highlight your lash look with color lashes!

  • Material: Synthetic Mink PBT
  • Approximately 3000 eyelash extensions per tray
  • 12 Rows per tray

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Material Synthetic Mink PBT
Vegan Yes, this product is vegan and contains no animal products. Vegan at Glad Lash is not a fad, we have carried vegan eyelash extensions products for over 30 years. Catering to all of our customers is important to us.