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As an educator, I get asked this question quite often. Potential students want to know who is the best educator and what is the value of the education they are paying for.

As consumers, we all are looking for the best bang for our buck. So, how do we get past the jazzy marketing and slick ads lash companies splash across the Internet? Great question!

There are so many lash companies out there to choose from. How do you determine what is the best fit for you? I’m going to give you my best advice on what to look for.

Do Your Homework

If you know any lash artists who are successful, ask them who they trained with and what their experience was with the training. Check around and see what is offered in the training. Fees for the training should include your kit, training manual, practice mannequin and client release forms. Or if any items are not included, you need to know, and understand if there are any additional out of pocket expenses.

Liability insurance is a must as far as I’m concerned. Making sure you and your student models are protected is not only smart, it’s necessary. If your trainer isn’t insured, I would probably pass based on that alone.

Class Size

Personally, my preference is a small class. As a student, you can get more personal experience and direction. I trained in a class with 20 students. I had to wait for almost ten minutes to get each question answered. It was frustrating for me. If you are a patient person, this may not bother you. My educator was very good, she was extremely patient and very particular. I was impressed at her skill and the fact that she focused heavily on safety and sanitation.

Keep in mind that just because someone has great photos on their website and social media, doesn’t necessarily make them a good trainer – It makes them a great lash artist, a good photographer and a marketing master.


Check reviews of Lash Trainers, get referrals from other lash artists and don’t sign on the dotted line until you have your questions answered and you feel comfortable with the person who you are trusting to get you started on your lashing career.

GladGirl has a great tool to search for certified trainers. You can search your location and the local trainer will pop up for your location. If you are looking for training, you can reach out and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Maryann Matykowski

Maryann has an accomplished, 30+ year background in the beauty industry. As a cosmetologist she opened her first salon in ’83. Maryann has specialized as an educator since 2006, and is now Master Trainer/Training and Education Coordinator here at Glad Lash Academy. Maryann knows what it takes to create successful salon businesses and is here to share her experience with you.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wink – How to Choose a Lash Educator”

  1. Anna says:

    Hey Maryann! You look so beautiful. As my first experience, I read your article. Nice article. I really like it. Keep going! can I ask one question? Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

    1. Glad Lash says:

      Hello Anna,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed my article.
      About lash extensions, if they are applied by a qualified and certified technician, and proper at home care, they will not damage your natural lashes.

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