Make It Up Monday – Turn On Your Festival Shine

Springtime festivals are upon us again and we have your beauty guide here to help you get your groove on!

If I remember correctly, last year’s festivals were glitterific with hair and body sparkle being key, but this year the sparkle is centered around the face. Place that shine on or around your eye, cheeks or forehead and let your inner child out. Try to adhere glitter with a somewhat tacky primer like GladGirl’s Prep and Prime Primer. And don’t be shy, you can definitely go over the top this festival season without anyone blinking an eye!

Next up are eye and face accents. Think of your face as a fun palette to work with and adhere to bright and cheerful star stickers above your eyebrows or on your upper cheeks to boost your festival vibe.  Another awesome option is to take some small or medium crystals and adhere them in those same areas. Try GladGirl’s LashLock Adhesive to help you achieve bling nirvana! Create a unique design across the brows or on the forehead area and have fun with it.

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Next, you can add a tribal element with a flesh colored pencil. GladGirl’s Be Brow Beautiful Highlighter Pencil is perfect for that. You can draw lines across your nose , over your eyebrows, or down the front of your lips. Combine this with your bling and you will be the center of attention!

Lastly, experiment with color! You can use GladGirl’s Be Eye Beautiful Natural Eyeshadow Palette. Take the iridescent highlighter white color and apply a swatch of it onto your cheekbones to really shine. Use the pink color on your eyelids or below your lash line and then take a bright and adventurous color and place it where the pink color isn’t. If you add the pink color onto the lids then place the bright color on the lower lash line, or vice versa. This will really help you make a statement! If you would like to add another layer of awesome, elevate your eyelash extensions with colored lashes like pink! This will be awe inspiring to say the least.

If you are feeling really over the top, combine these beauty elements and be the cherry on top of this festival season. The festival gods will shine down upon you!

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Lashes by Sydney Miles @lashedbysydney

Client @emily_horvath

Heather Coopersmith

With almost two decades as a professional makeup artist working on film projects, tv shows, photo shoots and weddings, LA based Heather Coopersmith brings some serious skills and knowledge to the Glad Lash Blog with her guest posts. Heather sees her art (and her hair!) as a creative outlet, and says "My world is a visual experience and I want to make you a part of it!" We're super excited to have Heather brightening up our world. You can reach out to Heather on Instagram @makeupthebride

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