GladGuy Lashes – Be You with Our New Lash Extensions for Men

New GladGuy Lashes

It’s not everyday we launch a new lash product designed especially for men. So you can imagine how excited we are to announce our new GladGuy Lashes – eyelash extensions for men. Featuring a soft B curl, these new GladGuy lashes are sure to meet the demands of the most discerning, modern man.

GladGuy Lashes on the tray close up

The slight brownish black lash color sets our GladGuy lashes apart for a natural, male lash-look.

Sandra Sanchez from the GladGirl Northridge team applying the finishing touches to Roman’s look.

Roman’s hybrid doll eye whispy set features GladGuy Lashes in B curl, 0.10mm x 10mm and 12mm with Glad Lash Signature D curl, 0.07mm x 11mm, 13mm and 15mm.

Thank you to our amazing team for putting this look together for the launch of GladGuy lashes:

  • Makeup by Sandra Pearl Sanchez
  • Model: Roman Romani
  • Photography by Jennifer Esteban

Check out the lashes in-store now!

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