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Make It Up Monday – 3 Lash Prep Hacks That Will Save You Time

Time Saving Hacks for Quicker Lashing

Since this month has been all about bridal and wedding lashes, I wanted to share a couple of time-saving and game-changing lash prep tips for makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, or people with just a hint of OCD! When I am about to do a bridal party that involves lash application – efficiency is crucial. You must stick […]

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Make It Up Monday – Say “I Do” To Strip Lashes To Create The Perfect Bridal Party Look

Make It Up Monday Lash Styles for Perfect Bridal Look

Last week, we discussed the benefits of lashing up the bride for her big day. This week, I want to delve into the exciting looks we can create for the whole bridal party, and explore the different styles on offer! There are soooo many lash styles to choose from that it can quickly become overwhelming to pick […]

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Special Swag Bags for Mother’s Day, Yeah, We Mommed It!

Mom The Day 2017

We love our moms, as do our friends at Mom The Day. So, we say a big, special “I Love You Mom” today. Happy Mother’s Day! Mom the Day™ has one goal: Reach into every mom’s life and tell them they are appreciated all day everyday. It is a place to take a breath, laugh […]

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After Care That POPs! GladGirl Point of Purchase Displays Are Here – Promotion on Now…

After Care that POPs! Spend $100 on selected POP products, get 1 free POP display + 1 free After Care Kit.* Conditions apply

Sending your clients home with the right After Care products has never been easier with the arrival of our GladGirl Point of Purchase Displays. Set up the displays on your counter to promote retail sales to your clients. It’s a win-win… Keep your clients’ lashes looking fab, and boost your bottom line. There are two displays available, one […]

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How To Be Red Carpet Ready: The Complete Guide

Be Red Carpet Ready

It’s awards season, and hey, we might not all be celebs, but we can certainly strut what we’ve got on the red carpet. Well, on a red carpet. Don’t be caught unaware for a red carpet event, an awards party, or an extra special night on the town. Make sure you have what you need […]

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Sale – Just for You, Save 20% off GladGirl Strip Lashes

Sale - Save 20% off GladGirl Strip Lashes

Just for you this January, save 20% off our range of gorgeous GladGirl Strip Lashes. From the beautiful and delicate “Belle” to our elegant and full “Lopez”, all of our strip lash kits come complete with glue and applicator for your lashing convenience.   Featured image credit Mark Humphrey – XperienceFactory

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Make It Up Monday – Life In Lashes

Medieval Woman Lashes

As I’ve been writing about fascinating beauty trends from across the globe, I’ve become more and more interested in ‘eyelash’ history. The research inspired me to take a deeper look back to the history of lash beauty trends. I found some historically compelling lash moments. Lashing in the Middle Ages Fake Eyelashes have been around […]

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Caring for Your Eyelashes During Chemo

Let’s play a word association game, shall we? I say: CHEMO. You say…HAIR LOSS. It’s one of the first side effects people think of when they hear the word chemotherapy. But hair loss from chemo isn’t just relegated to the hair on your head. Chemo can also cause your eyebrow hairs and eyelashes to fall out. Here’s some […]

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Make It Up Monday – Double Stacking Lashes at Miss West Coast Pageant 2016

Miss West Coast Pageant 2016

In early July, through Glad Lash’s sponsorship of the event, I had the opportunity to #LASH some Miss West Coast Pageant Contestants and let me just say that these ladies know how to ‘SLAY’ the LASH game.  I can only imagine their atmosphere calls for up-to-the-minute awareness of beauty trends spanning from makeup to hair […]

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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – The Roaring 20’s!

1920's makeup look explained

Here’s your Make It Up tip of the week! I was looking into hot makeup tips through the decades and want to share with you some interesting facts and a makeup tip to achieve the ‘look of the decade’! Sound fun? Yeah, I thought so!!! This week, the Roaring 20’s! Following WW1, the 1920’s ushered in […]

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