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Make It Up Monday – Facial Exercises to Promote Circulation and Skintastic Beauty

Facial Exercises Beauty

There are so many things we do to make ourselves look and feel better. For the sake of beauty, we exercise, we eat well, we stay out of the sun, we try to excel in the ‘Happy Dpt’ as much as possible but have you ever thought about doing facial yoga or facial exercises to […]

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Wednesday Wink – The Ultimate Cleansing Routine to Keep a Flawless Complexion and Lashes

Face Washing Routine

Hopefully, you’re washing and brushing your lashes 2-3 times a week, at a minimum. If you want them squeaky clean, you should be washing and brushing nightly. Make sure to have Glad Lash’s Wash and Wink eyelash cleanser handy post-Halloween for any products that you wouldn’t normally use around your lashes. So we’ve got your lash wash covered, […]

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Make It Up Monday – Fall Makeup Trend SPOTTED: The Freckled Face


Now that fall is officially upon us, our tans are fading away along with our freckles. This made me wonder about the difference between freckles and age spots. I had never really thought about it before, to be honest. I don’t have many freckles but my son has a cute cluster on and around his nose that has […]

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Make It Up Monday – Tattoos and Henna to Mask Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins Tattoo

Varicose veins can be a cosmetic issue for some of us. Maybe you have tried home remedies, special panty hose or makeup, but who has thought about tattooing? Varicose veins are enlarged veins. They are dark purple or blue in color and can be twisted or can look like they are bulging especially in your legs and […]

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Cosmetology School – Don’t Just Dream, Chase Your Dreams Until You Catch Them!


I’ve always been a dreamer with an artistic soul. Unfortunately, however, dreaming doesn’t pay bills, and neither does being an artist (for the most part). So, after I got my bachelor’s degree in screenwriting, I spent the longest time flailing about from one unfulfilling (and none screenwriting-related) job to the next. I had gone from […]

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Wednesday Wink – American Spa Professional Choice Awards 2018: Support the Company that Supports You

American Spa Professional's Choice Awards

As a lash artist, it’s important that you feel supported by your chosen lash supplier. Are the products consistently high quality and well priced? Do they provide resources for you to further your career? Is the customer service there when you need it? Last week while getting my nails done, a woman in the chair […]

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Make It Up Monday – 4 Very Vegan Makeup Products by GladGirl!


Being vegan is not only a way of life but has become a movement in fashion, skincare, and makeup! In this article, we will be going over vegan makeup products you can buy today to keep up with the ongoing movement. But first, what does being vegan mean? Let’s define it right now before we […]

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Introduction to Microblading – Your Way to Perfect, Low-Maintenance Eyebrows

Microblading Introduction 1

Hello! My name is Christy and this is my first appearance on the Glad Lash Blog! I am excited to share my knwoledge and insights with you all – let’s get right into it! What’s With the Face Tats? Have you ever met someone who decided to get a tattoo…on their face? If the answer […]

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Wednesday Wink – Lifestyle Tips to Increase Your Energy Levels and Focus All Summer Long


From time to time, I feel inspired to share new things that I’ve discovered and incorporated into my life with success. These small lifestyle changes have impacted my beauty artistry for the better over the last 30 days – as a result, I have experienced heaps more energy, better focus, elevated mood, and heightened creativity. 1. […]

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Make It Up Monday – Your Introduction to Crystallized Beauty

Jade and Crystal Rollers

We all wish we could slay all day at taking care of our skin, right?!? Well, I want to introduce you all to a trend that you may or may not be aware of right now. Join me as we look into the power of crystal facial tools, jade boards and rose quartz to give […]

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