Make It Up Monday – 5 Questions to Find Out if You Need a Beauty Wake-Up Call


I think we can all agree that inner beauty is one of the most important attributes in a person. Exuding traits that lie beyond the physical is very attractive. But, investing in beauty can also help us own our femininity, and take pride in the outside appearance as well. A little yin with your yang can […]

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Make It Up Monday – Instagramology


Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has taken the world by storm. Over 600 million followers can’t be wrong! I know for me, in the beauty industry, Instagram is a game changer. People – along with brands – can now have a broader and more extensive audience of not only friends and […]

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Make It Up Monday – Beauty in the Bahamas!


I’ve been vacationing in the plushness of the Bahamas this week. The tropical surroundings breed beautiful, lush greenery balanced with the floral beauty of flowers, like hibiscus and purple lignum vitae. Very diverse as you can imagine, just like the culture. I wanted to get some insider or outsider (depending on how you look at […]

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How to Choose Wedding Party Dresses – Without the Stress


In my last post, I gave you red hot tips on skincare. I hope you found them useful. This week I have some more great advice to share… I’m going to reveal an amazing bridal party find I’ve recently discovered. I like to think I’m pretty up-to-speed on all things bridal, but this tip is […]

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Wednesday Wink – Glitter and Gold: Be a Summer Goddess with Sparkling Lashes!

Wednesday Wink Glitter Lashes

Summer festivals are in full swing! A summer menu promotion infused with your creativity is the festival goers dream come true! Create an online buzz that will lead to more traffic, and infuse excitement into the lives of your current eyelash lovers. Here are two other perks to adding in some sparkle to your wink […]

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Make It Up Monday – 5 Common Skincare Myths Debunked

Make It Up Monday - Makeup Myths

On my way to my monthly facial appointment, I was wondering what my next blog topic should be about – when it hit me! There are a lot of common skincare myths going around, and I think it’s time we put some of them to rest. Consulting a Pro Who could be better to answer […]

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Make It Up Monday – 4 Steps To Curing Your Beauty Hangover


Recently, we celebrated July 4th and it got me thinking about beauty hangovers! How best can we DEAL with them after swimming all day, being out in the sun, drinking, AND maybe eating not so great? I’m about to share some pointers with you that can be applied to any holiday or celebration that is coming up on your social […]

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Make It Up Monday – Light Up Your Night with LED Lashes!


Hold UP… Wait a minute… Have I got a 4th of July doozy for you guys! This is going to truly blow your mind. If you LOVE fireworks, and all that glows in the dark, what I have to show you will make you jump for joy! No, I am not talking about Pandora – […]

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Make It Up Monday – Summer Lovin’ is Coming Up Roses!


Recently, I wrote a blog that shared a few ideas on how to waterproof your summer makeup routine. Today, I want to take the opportunity to express my love for a product that you can find at a Whole Foods Market, online at iHerb or Amazon, or at a number of different retailers… It’s called Rosewater and […]

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Make It Up Monday – 4 Charitable Cosmetic Brands You Need to Know About

Brands Give Back

As the world around us springs back into action during this splendid time of year, I am always inspired to think of different ways to give back. In 2016, I wrote about some wonderful organizations that are dedicated to ‘giving back’ to the community. I feel, it’s time to focus another Make It Up Monday on these […]

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