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Wednesday Wink – 2 Tweezer Hacks to Keep Your Tools in Shape

Wednesday Wink - Tweezer Hacks

If you’re anything like me, you are attached to your favorite tools. Heaven forbid a clumsy drop that results in bending them out of shape! Or if mid-lashing they get sticky with an invisible spot of glue! Lash Life Hacks for Your Tools Getting an invisible blob of glue on the tips of your tweezers […]

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Wednesday Wink – All About Gel Pad Styles


Every lash artist, lash lifter and lash tinter will use some sort of under eye protection when working their craft. The most common tool is the Under Eye Gel Pad. We commonly refer to this protection as a “gel pad”. However, some of these pads actually don’t have gel on them. They can be more […]

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Make It Up Monday – Be Brow Confident With GladGirl’s Sleek New Eyebrow Pencils

Be Brow Confident

Who doesn’t wish to have the perfect shaped eyebrows to complement their facial bone structure? Brows frame the face, and these days being brow-beautiful is on trend! Did you know that GladGirl has recently launched two new and fabulous brow products? They are really going to make you raise your brows with excitement! Introducing… GladGirl Be […]

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Make It Up Monday – Get the Most Out of Your Mascara

Make It up Monday - Mascara

This week, I’m sharing a couple of “Pro-Tips” to help you make the most out of your mascara and lash looks. As I was applying the mascara on to my subject, I used a disposable mascara wand. If you are applying to yourself, you may use the wand straight out of the tube. Here are the […]

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GladGirl Video – #applicationtools #marchmenout #gladgirl #gladguy

GladGirl Video - March Men Out

#applicationtools #marchmenout #gladgirl #gladguy   Video by Mark Humphrey  

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