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Wednesday Wink – How to Achieve The Ultimate Man Brow


One of my long-time clients recently moved to New York last year. When he was in town for the holidays, he mentioned how hard it was to find someone that could do his brows well. He said the services he tried had gone a bit over-board in hair removal, and asked how I did his […]

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Wednesday Wink – Adopt These 3 Essential Habits for an Extraordinary Life in 2019

Help and Support for Success

Happy New Year Lash Lovers! Have you ever wondered why resolutions get broken? Let’s look at goal setting vs. visioning. Goal setting can be influenced by the whims of culture. The ads alone we are exposed to can sweep us into a different direction. A direction of programmed habits. Visioning is a bit deeper. Visioning requires […]

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Wednesday Wink Video – How to Apply Flare Lashes: Flare Lash Delicates + Lash Lock Glue

Wednesday Wink - How To Apply Flare Lashes

Welcome back Lash Lovers for a another year of fab lashing tips and tricks here on the Wednesday Wink. In 2019 we’re aiming to bring you more “how to” videos, so let’s get straight into it… Here is a video I did demonstrating how to apply flare lashes. If you’re stuck on strip lashes and […]

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Wednesday Wink – Salon Tips From a Salon Expert: Charging Clients & Getting Them

Mobile Lashing

I am loving your feedback and questions regarding taking the leap into offering mobile beauty services. Today I would like to touch on some of the more frequently asked questions. Q: How do I know what to charge?   A few things to consider:  1. Glad Lash has done the research – I highly recommend […]

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Wednesday Wink – And The Winner for Best Lashes in 2018 Goes to… Glad Lash!

Glad Lash Winner Readers Choice Award 2018

Hello Lash Lovers, we have BIG NEWS coming your way today… Do you want to feel confident that your products are peer tested and expert-approved?! Are you looking for the best quality while shopping all things lashes and brows?! Glad Lash has got you covered 😉 We are honored to announce: Glad Lash has won […]

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Wednesday Wink – 2 More New Products to Add to Your Wish List This Holiday Season!

New-Mirror-60mm (1)

Glad Lash continues to up the new product game in November! I am circling around with two more raving product reviews! For this week’s Wink, we are super-sizing vision access and increasing your eyelash longevity! Check out our reviews below! 1. Eyelash Extension Mirror Review       Measuring a whopping 1.5″W x 2.25″L in […]

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Wednesday Wink – 2 New Products Reviewed: Non-Slip Tweezers and Sleep Mask

New Satin Sleeping Mask

Have you seen what is happening at Glad Lash in November?! The great news keeps on coming, just in time for the holidays, a playful sleep mask is one of 4 new products being launched in 4 weeks! First up is my favorite product in this epic roll out… New Non-Slip Tweezers Get the perfect […]

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Wednesday Wink – The Ultimate Cleansing Routine to Keep a Flawless Complexion and Lashes

Face Washing Routine

Hopefully, you’re washing and brushing your lashes 2-3 times a week, at a minimum. If you want them squeaky clean, you should be washing and brushing nightly. Make sure to have Glad Lash’s Wash and Wink eyelash cleanser handy post-Halloween for any products that you wouldn’t normally use around your lashes. So we’ve got your lash wash covered, […]

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Wednesday Wink – 3-Minute Cat Makeup for the Purrrfect Halloween Look


Are you getting ready for Halloween?! If you’re anything like me, you love dressing up! The smallest lash and brow change can take your costume from awesome to epic. Whether you’re throwing something together before work or going full-blown Heidi Klum for Halloween, GladGirl’s NEW extra bold and shiny ellipse extensions are a great addition to […]

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Wednesday Wink – How to Manage Eyelash Damage, Maintain Lash Health & Avoid Breaks


Over my 15 years of eyelash extension experience, one of the most heartbreaking moments is receiving clients with damaged lashes. Whether it’s because of bad application, poor products, or negligent home care, some eyelashes can really suffer. People with damaged lashes come to me looking for a savior to tell them they don’t have to take […]

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