Glad Lash Nominated for Favorite Eyelash Extensions, Favorite Eyelash Enhancing Product – Stylist Choice Awards 2017

Finalist - Stylist Choice Awards 2017 is the name behind the annual Stylist Choice Awards, held at the beginning of June, in Orlando. BTC’s Stylist Choice Awards is the world’s largest pro beauty awards… We’re celebrating the best in products, education and platform artists at Premiere Orlando’s Mainstage! It’s a night packed with the biggest names in the world… And this […]

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Wednesday Wink – Are You Suffering From Lash Artist Envy?


Are you an envious lash artist? Are you passionate, and enjoy viewing other artists’ work on social media? Are you checking out those beautiful photos that get posted? You know, the ones that have been edited, filtered, and polished to perfection… Truthfully, the vast majority of lash professionals, who grind it out every day at […]

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Make It Up Monday – Summer Lovin’ is Coming Up Roses!


Recently, I wrote a blog that shared a few ideas on how to waterproof your summer makeup routine. Today, I want to take the opportunity to express my love for a product that you can find at a Whole Foods Market, online at iHerb or Amazon, or at a number of different retailers… It’s called Rosewater and […]

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Wednesday Wink – Use These 2 Simple Brow Tips To Exceed Your Lash Clients’ Expectations


Hello Glad Lash Peeps 🙂 This week has me thinking about eyebrows, and how we can go the extra mile for our clients. I’m going to share two quick and easy artist tips with you that are bound to boost client loyalty, and help you sell your add-on services. Most importantly, they will leave your client feeling […]

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Make It Up Monday – Turn Up The Heat with These Sultry Summertime Products


Summer is here, and the HEAT is on! Let’s chat about some great waterproof and sweat-proof products that you should add to your kit… So you will “never let them see you sweat”! Makeup for summer is all about being a minimalist. You don’t want to have your makeup melting off – especially when you are trying […]

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Wednesday Wink – Washing Eyelash Extensions After Application?


Washing the lashes so soon? Yes… You heard right! I’m following up on my previous post, 8 Tips For Better Lash Retention, where I promised to let you in on the secret benefits of washing eyelashes at completion of the service. We have long thought that exposure to water too quickly after the application or refill […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Avoid Fatigue and Lash Better With These 5 Minute Exercise Routines

Move, Lash, BE Better - Exercises to Avoid Fatigue

Hey Glad Lash peeps!   Have you got three to five minutes spare to focus on yourself? I have two different under-five-minute routines for you to experiment with, at home or even at work! The specific moves selected will help you to stay open in your eyelashing posture, and fight fatigue. They’re easy to fit into your day, […]

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Make It Up Monday – Creating The Perfect Brow For Your Face Shape

Make It Up Monday - Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Many of us are afraid to fill in our eyebrows and create what we call the frame of the face. It can be daunting, with so many ways to build brows… You can use eyebrow pencils, pomades, powders, colored mascaras, and even microblading! The tool that you feel most comfortable with is for you to decide, but the basics […]

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Bridal Lashes: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Bridal Lashes Glad Lash Blog

Every bride needs drop dead gorgeous lashes on her special day. Lush false lashes are the best part of having her makeup done! Whether she’s a minimalist/ natural bride or a glam/ dramatic one, there are many different styles and applications to choose from. Take your pick from false strip lashes, cluster lashes (aka flare), […]

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Wednesday Wink – Become A Master of Volume Fans

Wednesday Wink - Volume Fans Master

I’ve spoken about my love for volume fans a few times before. Like here, here, and here! If I have convinced you of all the wonderful advantages of volume fans, and you’re still not sure you’re ready, now is the time to get on board and hone your skills. I have some great tips to […]

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