Wednesday Wink – How to Build Your Team as a Coach and Mentor

Wink - How to Build Your Teams as Coach and Mentor

A strong team is the key to a flourishing business. If you take control of the reigns and impart all your wonderful years of knowledge upon your staff members, you will be sure to reap the benefits – for years to come! Being a coach and mentor to your staff is an exceptionally important role to practice in […]

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Make It Up Monday – 4 Charitable Cosmetic Brands You Need to Know About

Brands Give Back

As the world around us springs back into action during this splendid time of year, I am always inspired to think of different ways to give back. In 2016, I wrote about some wonderful organizations that are dedicated to ‘giving back’ to the community. I feel, it’s time to focus another Make It Up Monday on these […]

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Starting Your Lash Business from Scratch Pt 4 – Designing Your Dream Decor

Starting from Scratch - Designing Dream Decor

In our previous articles in the series, we discussed the first steps you will need to take to get your business started up. We covered the numbers, location (depending on your plan – be it grandiose or more modest), mechanicals, and the layout. But, these are just the preliminaries you need to be aware of […]

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Wednesday Wink – What Does It Take to Create Healthy and Natural Looking Lashes?


While pondering what to write this Wink, I received a phone call from an eye doctor. In her voicemail, she said she was requesting a return call regarding lashes I had applied to a new client threes days prior. For a moment, I was a little scared something had gone wrong for my eyelash extension […]

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Eyelash Mag March/April Edition: Spring’s Best Beauty

In the Press - Eyelash Mag March April

Glad Lash Founder, Ester Bolkin, talks innovative lash techniques for Eyelash Mag’s Spring’s Best Beauty feature. The Glad Lash Vibrant Color Individual Lashes receive a special mention. Read the full article here and skip straight to page 36!

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Wednesday Wink – So You Want to be an Awesome Lash Artist? Please Check Your Ego at the Door…

Want to be an awesome lash artist? Check your ego...

Big industry trade shows, like the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), or IMATS can offer you a vast and wonderful wealth of information. They are well worth the opportunity, if you are open to being there, and are ready to learn! Recently, I attended one and found it to be an amazing resource, and very […]

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Impulse Buying – 4 Effective Retail Strategies to Consider in Your Business

Retail therapy and impulse buying

Sephora is, for me, the adult version of Toys “R” Us. I go in for a specific product, like my Philosophy face cleanser, and come out with a bag full of goodies – most of which, I grab on my way through the check-out aisle. I have to have these travel-sized Evian facial sprays, and […]

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Wednesday Wink – My Eyesight Experience

Wink - Eyesight

Do you use glasses or magnifying tools in your eyelash practice? For over a decade of volume eye-lashing, I’ve been sans glasses, or zoom of any kind. That was, until shortly after my 32nd birthday. In November 2016 my 20/20 vision left me. My once perfect sight declined, in what felt like overnight. My mission […]

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Make It Up Monday – Springtime Eye Pop!

Make It Up Monday - Springtime Eye Color

It’s Springtime and I hope, as you read, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and the flowers are in full force. As this lovely time of year is all about renewal, I thought I’d offer some renewed ideas for your Spring Eye Makeup Looks. A few easy suggestions can help your eyes POP into […]

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After Care That POPs! GladGirl Point of Purchase Displays Are Here – Promotion on Now…

After Care that POPs! Spend $100 on selected POP products, get 1 free POP display + 1 free After Care Kit.* Conditions apply

Sending your clients home with the right After Care products has never been easier with the arrival of our GladGirl Point of Purchase Displays. Set up the displays on your counter to promote retail sales to your clients. It’s a win-win… Keep your clients’ lashes looking fab, and boost your bottom line. There are two displays available, one […]

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